Wilt Chamberlain’s 55-Rebound Game


Corbis Images

Yesterday was the 52nd anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain grabbing 55 rebounds against the Boston Celtics. The Philadelphia Warriors’ big man in the process set the all-time record for rebounds in a single game. How Herculean was the Big Dipper’s performance?

Looking at the boxscores from last night’s games, 16 teams were in action and only one team grabbed more rebounds last night than Chamberlain did that night in 1960. As you see, the Los Angeles Lakers snared 61 total rebounds against the hapless Dallas Mavericks who shot an abysmal 37% creating a wealth of rebounding opportunities.

And this is just how Wilt also pumped up his rebounding numbers. The NBA of his era was operating at warp speed as team’s jacked up lots of shots, but also missed a good share of them. Still, to grab fifty-five rebounds is nothing I’m going to belittle. Just another one of Wilt Chamberlain’s larger-than-life accomplishments.

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