Pro basketball titans with a combined 7 MVPs, Leroy Edwards and LeBron James / photos courtesy of bigblue.net and sfgate.com


Pro Hoops History is a historical resource for fans/students of basketball and history run by myself, Curtis Harris. As a member of the  National Council on Public History (NCPH) I have charged myself and this blog with upholding the ethical standards of public historians:

The Public Historians’ Responsibility to the Public
This code recognizes that the public may be defined in multiple and sometimes competing ways and that public interest is a fluid concept often formulated within the context of particular situations and subject to continuous debate. Nonetheless, ethical practice implies a responsibility to serve the public interest, as conscientiously determined in any given situation, and requires certain basic principles of professional conduct.

1. Public historians should serve as advocates for the preservation, care, and accessibility of historical records and resources of all kinds, including intangible cultural resources.

2. Public historians should carry out historical research and present historical evidence with integrity.

3. Public historians should strive to be culturally inclusive in the practice of history and in the presentation of history.

4. Public historians should be fully cognizant of the purpose or purposes for which their work is intended, recognizing that research-based decisions and actions may have long-term consequences.

5. Public historians should maintain a conscious regard for the interpersonal dynamics inherent in historical practice.

With those duties in mind, this blog will attempt to stir increased discussion, recognition, and appreciation for the men and women over the last 120 years who’ve made professional basketball what it is today. Although this blog ends with .com, it in no way intends to monetarily profit from or commercialize the information presented.

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Thanks and enjoy the hoops history,

Curtis Harris

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Curtis, my name is Ted Green. I greatly enjoy this site and follow you on Twitter. I recently produced a documentary on Roger Brown, and would very much like to talk to you. If you’re interested, the best way to reach me is via email: tedgreeniv@gmail.com. Thanks.

  2. Curtis -

    Thanks for the kind words about my book on by book on the Essential Reading page. I tried to cram as much information in it as I could.

    I also have a new book out – The Basketball Draft Fact Book: A History of Professional Basketball’s College Drafts – through Scarecrow Press which came out in May.

    - Robert Bradley

  3. Curtis——Our family would like to thank you for the recognition given to Leroy Edwards. It is nice to see that you, along with many others continue to recognize his historical basketball accomplishments. Last year our family traveled to the University of Kentucky to accept a award on Leroy’s behalf when he was recognized for his “All American” and ” Player of the Country” record setting seasons at U of K. He was inducted into the schools “Athletic Hall of Fame”. Our family keeps hoping that someday the decision makers at the Naismith Hall of Fame will honor dad by inducting him because of the numerious legendary accomplishments and contributions that he made as a player to the development and history of basketball.
    Best Regards—-Dan Edwards

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