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Floundering Foundry: The Pittsburgh Ironmen

The following article was contributed by David PincusĀ and originally appeared on his blogĀ Broken Leagues. To see more of David’s work focusing on fantasy basketball, visit his blog and follow him on Twitter @brokenleagues. Pittsburgh is one of the best sports

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New York, New York: Julius Erving, the Nets-Knicks Feud, and America’s Bicentennial

1976 was an awkward time for the United States of America. The previous few years had seen the military massacre college students at home and abandon an unpopular, costly war abroad. A president had resigned, narrowly escaping impeachment. And as

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Ship Ahoy! The 1979 San Diego Clippers

The final years of the Buffalo Braves were a despondent set of circumstances. Abysmal ticket sales and a perilous financial situation enveloped the franchise. A concurrent fire sale of Hall of Fame and All-NBA talent was also taking place. From

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When Celtics vs. Hawks Meant Excitement

Editor’s note: this article was originally written during the horrific Celtics-Hawks playoff series of Spring 2012 The past two weeks, the cries of basketball fans everywhere have pleaded for the horrendous Boston Celtics – Atlanta Hawks 1st round series to

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If You’re Gone: The Bucks and Lakers Rivalry That Never Was

Every great team needs a foil, a rival… someone to push them to greater heights. The Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s are most remembered for their rivalry with the Boston Celtics. They met in 3 NBA Finals with the

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Forgotten Warriors: Sunset in Philadelphia

“What did I get the most thrill out of? It was winning the championship. Individual honors are nice but it’s not like winning. Winning and making a positive contribution is, I think, the most satisfying thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s

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